MN High School Tennis

**  Update:  February 2023  **

We are working to bring back the rankings website using a different design with new features!

We don't expect to  be ready for the 2023 Boys season, but perhaps you may see us up and running in some fashion by the 2023 Girls fall season.

More news to follow!


It's time for us to move on as well... was created as a service to the Minnesota tennis community, in part out of the belief that we could provide accurate, advanced computer-generated rankings for all players and all teams, but also to give back to a community we ourselves have been a part of over the past 15 years.

  A special thanks to those coaches and parents who assisted the site in the past few years, as well the players and community that frequented the site throughout the girls' and boys' seasons,  During peak times, we came to expect over 600 unique visitors per day to the site during the boys' season, and upwards of 400 visitors per day during the girls' season.   We received traffic from nearly every state, although the majority came from all over our own state, even the most remote northern cities.  Overall rankings accuracy of the site was between 90 - 95% and the most visited pages were the singles rankings for boys and girls.

Special thanks to, who allowed us to download their data on a daily basis throughout each season.  Please visit their site for scores and records in the coming seasons and consider supporting them with a yearly membership to their site (we are not affiliated in any way).

Please feel free to contact us at  We'll continue to monitor this email address for the near-term future, but this email will be eventually shut down,  Please note that we will not be posting rankings for any future seasons.  We are also not able to provide end of season rankings for 2022 or earlier seasons.